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Welcome to my World!

   Hand Crafted

on the

 Causeway Coast

Northern Ireland 

Coastal Inspired Fused Glass Gifts



At Maggie Duffin Glass on the north coast of Ireland my aim is to take inspiration from the nature which is all around me.

Making nautical and floral themed one-of-a-kind fused glass art which can take many forms including functional bowls, seascape framed pictures, candle screens, pendants and much more.

Bright bold colours and texture play a huge part in my work. Glass is such a wonderful medium to work in and comes in many forms, from transparent to opaque, sheet glass to granules. All provide me with the palette to create beautiful and unique glass art.

I hope you will like my collection, 


Maggie & Bobby in the Studio

How the Magic Happens....

The Art of Kiln Formed Glass

As the name suggests, fused glass is created by layering sheet glass, coloured glass, granules, powders and enamels together in a kiln to make bold, striking and contemporary glass art.

Behind the scenes, Maggie in the studio cutting glass
Behind the scenes, Maggie in the studio at workbench.


I plan each piece to some degree beforehand, although inevitably colours and textures can morph into something quite unexpected!
I enjoy creating small to medium unique homewares and gifts. The natural elements of both coast and countryside play a huge role in my work.
My tireless passion keeps me motivated, allowing me to explore new imaginative possibilities.
I am influenced not only by the stunning coastal environment, but by family and close friends, materials or even a new tool!

Just add heat

Depending on the complexity of the piece, several firings may be required at varying temperatures to achieve the desired shape, detail and texture.

This seascape piece is being placed into the kiln for firing.

It will take approximately 24 hours before the kiln can be opened and the magic revealed! 

Behind the scenes, placing kiln shelf into the kiln.

A few finished products

Behind the scenes in the studio.

Here are a few of my completed fused glass nautical and floral pieces.

In the studio, some finished fused glass.

Portstewart Strand at Sunset...
My home town
Photo courtesy of Laura McIlveen Photography

Portstewart Strand Sunset by Laura sml_2685.5.jpg
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