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Close up of a foaming rolling wave.

Previous Premium Projects

All featured here have either been specially commissioned by my customers or are pieces which I have indulged my inner child to create with no boundaries! 

If you would like to have something similar made especially for you, tailored to your colour requirements, please use the contact me button for a personalised quotation.

30 cm jellyfish panel in fused glass with matching stand_
Circular panel & base of fused glass jellyfish.
Blue & orange fused glass panel & base.

Blue & Orange Jellyfish on Matching Glass Stand

A past project, one of my favourites!

Circle is made with two layers of glass pieces, grouted in between with varying shades of blue. Fired in the kiln until smooth and shiny.

Hand cut jellyfish with orange and blue tentacles and tiny sea creatures were added and fired again to retain texture.

The glass base was separately made with 5 layers of glass. Specially cut and assembled with a slot in the middle to let the circle fit snugly into it.

Similar can be made to order.

Rolling Wave on Oval Glass Base

This rolling wave panel consists of two layers of individually hand cut crescents in varying shades of turquoise, aquamarine, green and transparent, fired in the kiln maintaining the movement and texture.

Foaming sea splashes, separately made with tiny glass pieces, high fired to melt together, then attached to the main body with another kiln firing.

The oval shaped base has six layers of glass which were all precisely cut and assembled leaving a space in the middle to accommodate the 'wave'.


Wave and base have been joined securely together.


The addition of rubber bumpers will protect your surface and prevent slipping.


This is indeed a truly one of a kind statement piece of sculptural art.


Perfect for a coastal inspired home, a sea loving water sports family or simply to enjoy as a beautiful inspirational item.


Similar can be made to order.

fused glass rolling wave on glass base.
fused glass rolling wave.
Fused glass underwater coral round panel with jellyfish_

Underwater Coral Round Panel

An artist's impression of an underwater scene. 

Jellyfish being the main focus, with lots of tropical fish, plant life & corals, all fused onto a circular panel, mounted in a wooden stand.

A beautiful statement piece, which would look lovely in a bathroom, windowsill or a coastal inspired home.

Similar can be made to order.

Underwater Jellyfish Panel on Curved Glass Stand

A large underwater panel bursting with jellyfish, sea creatures, corals & fish. 

All in a lovely aquamarine transparent glass with a matching high curved glass stand which has been created with a slot for the main panel to nestle snugly into.

Underwater fused glass jellyfish panel with curved glass stand.
Multi layered fused glass rolling wave on matching glass stand.
fused glass sea foam close up.
fused glass base decorated with sea foam.
fused glass panel and base shown flat.

Multi Layered Rolling Wave on Matching Glass Stand

This spectacular fused glass sculptural wave was constructed with many hand cut crescent shapes all carefully assembled onto a clear glass background.

Pre made 'seafoam' was added to give extra movement in the piece.

A matching multi layered base with a carefully measured slot for the wave to fit into completes this unique statement piece.

Similar can be made to order.

Jellyfish Circular Panel on Matching Glass Base

Another example of this two part statement piece.

Circular panel is made from two layers of clear glass mosaic pieces, grouted in between with coordinating fine glass granules.

Fired in the kiln to a high temperature until smooth and shiny.

Hand cut jellyfish together with other underwater details are then added before firing to a lower temperature to retain texture.

The base was separately made with several layers of glass, all precisely cut with a slot in the middle to accommodate the circular panel.

Circle measures 30 cm approx.

Similar can be made to order.

Fused Glass circular panel with jellyfish on matching glass stand_
textural detail.
jellyfish detail.
an angular image of the jellyfish panel.
detail & texture in this floral meadow.

Spring Meadow on Matching Glass Base

This has been one of my favourite commission pieces.

Working closely with my client to include all the elements which had a special meaning to them.

This piece is multi layered with lots of handmade elements, texture and so much going on. The more you look, the more you see.

A matching layered glass base complete with its own florals complete the scene.

Similar can be made to order.

floral detail.
daffodils & daisies
a back view of this floral panel.
a side view of this floral panel.

Jellyfish Coral Panel

This gorgeous underwater scene inspired by corals, plants and colourful tropical fish is truly magnificent!


Transparent glass was the base for my canvas.


Glass powders in varying shades of blue and green were added to achieve my watery underworld.


Hand cut 'jellyfish' and various small glass murrine fish, rays, plant life and coral help to build my vision of a coral garden. The more you look at this scene the more you will discover!


This unique piece was fired in the kiln to a temperature of 740 C which maintains the gorgeous texture.


The glass panel is secured into the oak wooden stand which compliments it perfectly.


Truly a one of a kind piece which would be a stunning addition to a bathroom windowsill or any room in a coastal inspired home.

a trio of jellyfish in an underwater coral garden, set into an oak wooden stand.
fused glass lobster platter with side dishes.

Fused Glass Lobster Platter with side dishes.

A special commission for a wedding present, this set consists of a fused glass platter which has been decorated with a hand cut lobster. Lots of tiny blue bubbles decorate the edges, which match the two side dishes.

Similar can be made to order.

lobster in fused glass.
orange lobster serving platter.

Fused Glass Wreath Centerpiece

This is a stunning seasonal table centerpiece.

Made with several hand cut pieces of glass in opaque and transparent greens. Decorated with hand cut poinsettias before its first firing in the kiln.

A second firing over a hand made mould to give it the unique shape.

Similar can be made to order.

close up of glass centrepiece
large pillar candle will fit in centre
fused glass Christmas wreath centrepiece
various shades of green in this table decoration
underside image of fused glass table decoration.
Fused glass lantern with snowman, christmas tree, wreath and poinsettia_edited.jpg

Large Christmas Lantern with Fused Glass Seasonal Panels

Each panel in this lantern has been replaced with artists glass before decorating with a snowman, Christmas tree, poinsettia and wreath, all handmade and attached by firing in the kiln retaining the texture.

Each side is a piece of art on its own, turn to have a different view every day!

Stunning with a candle or a set of fairy lights.

Similar can be made to order.

panel with Christmas wreath.
panel with textured Christmas tree.
panel with cute snowman.
panel with Christmas flower.
inside the lantern
fairy lights inside the lantern.
large Christmas lantern with fused glass decorated panels.

Wavy Fused Glass Winter Scene Panel

In shades of icy blues, this wonderful seasonal candle screen stands alone and looks great on a windowsill, table or shelf.

Perfect as a decorative item on its own or add a candle or fairy lights behind it for an extra glow.

icy blue fused glass wavy panel.
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